Edwin Bolta is a multi-disciplined emerging millennial artist that uses paintings, sculptures, digital and interactive art, sound and performance as his mediums. For this exhibition, he has created over a thousand studies and small works. He has a background in Art History and Graphic Design but let’s go of all inhibitions when creating, allowing him to truly explore the inner depths of his imagination. He is an independent artist that has been encouraged and applauded by some of the top blue chip gallerists in New York City, including Sandra Geringand Eli Klein. Bolta has most recently been featured in Vice Magazine and Hypebeast for his creative direction with NEWTHINGS – his along with partner Ricardo Reyes start up creative agency. NEWTHINGS is presenting this highly anticipated exhibition. Edwin Bolta currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.



NEWTHINGS presents Edwin Bolta’s FOOL “Out of Nothing” exhibition at AMO Studios in New York on Friday, May 16th complexities of the daily life of an artist through the character, FOOL. Bolta’s FOOL is based on the Shakespearean idea that fools were usually clever peasants or commoners that used their wit to outdo people of higher social standing. These fools were jesters of their time, but their characteristics were greatly heightened for theatrical effect.


Further expanding on this notion of fools being more than just clever peasants through their use of theater, Bolta compares these fools to artists in today’s society. Within the many sub-cultures that exist, the term “artist” does not always have a positive connotation. The exhibition provides a rare glimpse inside the FOOL’s work and living space while exploring the ideas of creativity, sexuality, passion, religion, confusion, self-worth, self-doubt, procrastination,over abundance of futility, consumerism, and an appreciation for the unknown.


The concept “Out of Nothing” is derived from the Latin term Ex nihilo, which when translated literally means “out of nothing.” It often appears in conjunction with the concept of creation. The phrase Ex nihilo also comes from the classical philosophical formulation, which means, “out of nothing comes nothing.” Here, nothing represents a blank canvas from which an idea comes to fruition.